Prosperity Collection | DREAMER | NIBAWAAJIGE



The pattern is a portal. A portal to a new way of thinking, to a new world, a better way, back to the “good way” (as our ancestors would say). It is about dreaming with no limit. The world is not how it should be right now. So many of us base our realities on mainstream media - it’s time we break free - it’s time we think and DREAM for ourselves. The pattern is inspired by Indigenous Futurism. Read more about this concept in our Journal


Capitalism is essentially a dislocation from our essential self. The framework of capitalism does not allow us to show up as our true selves. We are taught to give ourselves up to labour for this thing called money that we only need because we decided we “need” it. Then we buy things we think we want and need, but do we really? It’s all architected around us. Our consumer behaviour is programmed. Money is just an idea. 

In the Indiginomics book, Dr. Dara Kelly states “There are two paradigms at play when we think of wealth and poverty. This idea of “walking in two worlds” is common language within our communities. It is very tangible when communities are aware of being impoverished within a dominant paradigm and being very wealthy within an Indigenous paradigm.” 

This holding of multiple paradigms is complex and requires complex solutions and nuanced thinking (not something our societies are groomed to enjoy or opt for). How can we build the tools to see through the smoke of the capitalism paradigm to see things for what they are? How can we ensure we are tuned into our true needs/desires/pleasures? Ultimately, where is the space where we can be wealthy & prosper in a ‘good way'?


  • Handmade
  • Original Commanda Collective design 
  • .925 sterling silver findings and wire protectors
  • Glass beads 
  • Hangs approx. 3.5 inches from ear