Gwayakowaadiziwin | Honesty | Path of Souls



 This is a passage from the book photographed on the last slide; Law's Indigenous Ethics talking about the word Gwayakowaadiziwin.

"The prefix gwayak can be directional in nature. It implies a path that is straight, indicating a course or route to be followed without deviation or divergence. Gwayak also means "something that is right" and communicates a state of being or action that is correct. The sentence "Gwayak in inaadizi ji-debwetawindiban" means "Is she honest enough to be trusted?". Furthermore, the root of the Anishinaabe word for honesty is -inaadiziwin, which means the "character, a certain nature, or certain way of life." Thus honesty is a way of life or character that denotes the nature of a person or action that is undeviating, straight, correct, and right." We love this breakdown of the Anishinaabemowin to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of the word. How fitting to bring life to this principle with our Path of Souls design? This design offering was created last year and was meant to create reflection around the deeper meanings of the paths our souls take throughout life. For many of us, our path may not always feel as though it is “straight” in the colonial sense of the word.. or maybe some feel it is “too straight”. We are curious how we can redefine this narrative. Can you define your own path outside of the constraints of the traditional paths society leads us to think we should walk? We wonder how these two definitions which both mention the concept of "straight" can coalesse. What if we all started to create our very own definition of straight, right, and honest that is in alignment of our individual souls?


  • Handmade
  • Original Commanda Collective design 
  • .725 sterling silver ear hooks 
  • Glass beads 
  • Hangs approx. 5 inches from ear