Our Patterns

Each of our patterns was designed by us (along with our ancestors). Each one has a unique story and reason for being. We create unique colour ways; but the patterns each hold a continual frequency and energy. 


The Espaniel


This was the first design; and it is a pattern we have dedicated to our Espaniel lineage. The Espaniel's are a long line of fur traders, chiefs, and community advocates. This work continues on in our kin. 

This pattern can be explored more in our Archive Project page where we create different colour ways of this pattern to tell the stories of our individual ancestors such as Great Grandpa Jimmy Espaniel

Our hope with this pattern and stories of our ancestors is to create a curiosity in you to explore the stories of your ancestors. We all have ancestors no matter our walk of life. This work can be done with genealogy and more 'formal' routes but it can also be done through meditation and energetically connecting to those who guide us in our lives. 


The Moon | Nookomis


As sisters, we have always shared a love of the moon. When we discovered that the moon is affectionately referred to as 'grandmother moon' in many Indigenous stories and ways of knowing; this increased our love tenfold! Our hope with this pattern is to imbue a sense of wonder in the mundane. When was the last time you stared up at the moon and got lost in her lure? How do the cycles of the moon reflect in the cycles of your life?


 The Path of Souls | Miikana


This pattern came to us in a time when Madison & Taylor were both going through deep transitions in their personal and career lives. We noticed that most of us tend to describe our paths solely with traditional markers like job, marital status, etc. But we go curious about what would your path look like (and feel like!) to think outside these descriptors? As we peel these layers back, we can begin to understand the true Path of Our Souls.


The Blossom | Baashkaabigwanii

This pattern was inspired by our womb portals (accessible to all genders). Each of us has the power of creation and much of this energy comes from the womb portal or sacral chakra. How can we collectively align more deeply with divine feminine energy? This energy is desperately needed in the systems and ways of the current patriarcical / capitalistic paradigm we exist within. If we each spend time nurturing divine feminine energy within ourselves we naturally share it with the world around us more deeply and ease-fully. We invite you to welcome this energy with the energy of this pattern. 


The Warrior | Manidoowi

This bold pattern and colour was created in the name of taking up space, in the name of honouring our inner warrior. At first we might associate being a warrior with physical strength, mental fortitude and leadership; essentially traditional masculine archetypal characteristics. However, we’d like to be part of reframing this definition. To be a warrior is to lead with your heart. It is to allow yourself to be seen; to embrace vulnerability. 

This pattern is our biggest and brightest on purpose. We live in a world where many, especially women, 2Spirit, and queer folks are taught they have more value when they are silent, small and conforming. Many voices and brands talk about "female empowerment", and although we do see the value in empowering; we believe that first a focus on healing is needed. It's not as though it is easy to just wake up one day and be empowered. It takes courage to heal, but once we walk a path of healing we can feel empowered in our lives.

Each morning, when we choose to adorn ourselves with the warrior design, we are choosing to allow our healing to be at the forefront of our day. Every one of us has a different path to our inner Warrior. Read about Madison's path in our Journal



The pattern is a portal. A portal to a new way of thinking, to a new world, a better way, back to the “good way” (as our ancestors would say). It is about dreaming with no limit. The world is not how it should be right now. So many of us base our realities on mainstream media - it’s time we break free - it’s time we think and DREAM for ourselves. The pattern is inspired by Indigenous Futurism. Read more about this concept in our Journal


THE Cycle | Waawiyeyaa

This design celebrates the cycle of death, birth, and rebirth (one of our favourite themes!). To know this cycle, is to know that there is never really a state of completion, just an ever evolving journey. The word Waawiyeyaa means round and in Anishinaabe, it refers to this circular shape and way of being with no beginning, middle or end. How can we learn to make peace with the cyclical energy?