Madison's Path To Her Inner Warrior

Madison's Path To Her Inner Warrior

What does your inner Warrior look like to you? This is my personal journey with our Warrior earrings. When Taylor began beading and she was making such colourful and loud designs, while I admired their beauty, it felt like something I could not “pull off” and was not confident enough to wear. When I began beading and designing myself, I started small and neutral because that is what was in my comfort zone. But as I started to feel the power the bold designs held, I quickly became drawn to the intricate designs and radiant colours.

Through our journey of designing and sharing earrings with people we have commonly heard this same sentiment I held; ‘I feel safer being small’. We have begun to associate the earrings with a state of mind, a metaphor for how willing you are to step into your true self. As someone from a societally oppressed group, smallness has been the equivalency with safety. This is wired into us through generations. Somehow these earring patterns and colours are helping to undo that wiring. They allow me to heal it. I no longer believe the world is better off with me being small and meak. The world is better when we are all better. 

I now hold a special space for the Warrior earrings. I have a lot to be proud of and I wear these on the days I want to honor my inner warrior, the days I feel powerful in my own skin, the days I am willing to embody a higher version of myself. Stepping into this higher version can feel uncomfortable at first, but each day I become more rooted in this confidence and the Warrior earrings have played a huge part in this journey for me.

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