Past Work: Doom & Bloom Collection

Past Work: Doom & Bloom Collection

Birth. Death. Rebirth.

Released Fall 2021

A natural cycle that is all around us. Often there is fear associated with the idea of death, but that fear forgets the beauty of rebirth🌚 Through the 7 one-of-a-kind pieces in this collection we will explore this cycle and the ways it influences our lives✨


This collection was inspired by the birth, death, and rebirth cycle. The natural expression of this cycle is all around us, especially in mother nature. She shows us that death is inevitable but not finite. The leaves of the trees turn brilliant then fall and wither. But their decomposition creates fertile ground to grow new life. Mother nature embraces this natural cycle.. she doesn't fight against it or fear it. So why do we? Our deaths are inevitable, death within our lives is inevitable. But it isn't finite. The more we can accept our role in the greater cycle of life, the deeper our reserves become to live life with joy in the face of loss and tragedy. 



Our colour choices are always significant, but for this line it is especially so. White is for birth, black for death, and gold for rebirth. It is not lost on us that the trio of these colours is what makes these pieces so striking and beautiful (we hope you feel the same!). If you remove one colour, the piece would lose its magic. It's the same with this cycle we are exploring. Life is predicated on death.



Personal evolution is another avenue to create a relationship with the birth, death, rebirth cycle. Each of us are born into this world and have formative experiences and predispositions to create our habits, character, thoughts, and narratives. Most of us require some re-writing of inner narratives. Many who are alive today were conditioned with the scarcity narrative, the work ethic = value narrative, and the general belief that we are not worthy of love and happiness. These narratives have been ingrained into our parents and grandparents and handed down to us. It's not their fault, it's how the society at large wants us to be.. to keep us small. These narratives require a death ... and they require us to birth new & healthier narratives into existence for future generations to flourish. 



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