Prosperity Collection | PATH OF SOULS | MIIKANA | LAND



The Ojibwe word “Miikana” means “the path”. As with most Anishinaabe words, it has a literal and a spiritual meaning. The path our souls take throughout life and after life is something sacred and something to reflect on. The offering of this design is to honour this sacred path. 

For many of us, our path may not always feel as though it is “straight”.. or maybe some feel it is “too straight”. We are curious how we can redefine this narrative. Can you define your own path outside of the constraints of the traditional paths society leads us to think we should walk? 

To go one step further, can you articulate the path of your life without using your job titles, your marital status, your parenthood status, the deaths of those you’ve loved? We tend to describe our paths solely with these traditional markers - what would your path look like to think outside these descriptors? As we peel these layers back, we can begin to understand the true Path of Our Souls.


Woven into every indigenous worldview from east to west and north to south is the concept of oneness, that everything is one and interconnected. This is the place where indigenous wealth is born. It is the root of how communities operate, how to govern ones self, how to be in relation with other living beings, how to pass on knowledge and how to make intergenerational decisions. It is a guide post on how to be. 

When colonization systematically disconnected indgienous people from land on turtle island, they created a disconnection to self. Land is an extension of self. As we heal the land we heal ourselves; as we heal ourselves we heal the land. 

From a rights & treaty perspective; a new wave is coming of land back. Indigneous folks are resourcing themselves, they are fighting in court, and they are winning. Although this is good, it is still disheartening the effort and resources that need to pour in for the fight. But the fight for land is the fight for self; and the fight for future generations.



  • Handmade
  • Original Commanda Collective design 
  • 14k gold plated ear hooks and wire protectors
  • Glass beads & faceted natural ruby stones
  • Hangs approx. 4.5 inches from ear