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Have you ever considered money trauma? Most of us have some minor or major trauma responses when it comes to finances. The path of self-exploration around your own money story is not something our society promotes. And there is no one story. Many aspects such as race, demographic, economic standing (inherited and imposed), trauma, cultural history, etc. play into our money story. 

[Taylor here] I recently graduated from a program called The Trauma of Money. It consisted of 50 hours of class and lots of self-reflection homework. And even still, we only scratched the surface of this vast knowledge system / way of being. The Trauma of Money is a method to reframe your connection to wealth. And it goes DEEP. Much of the work is focused on your early experience with money, how your parents interacted with money, the role money plays in your life (i.e does it soothe you, does it scare you, does it protect you?), and all of this is done with a somatic lens. 

This course and way of thinking created a variety of reflections to come up; 

  • What was the role of money for my ancestors? 
  • What role does money play in wealth? 
  • What if money expired? How would we treat it? 
  • What relationship do time + money have? 
  • Do you hold a deep fear of being wealthy? 
  • Do you think you deserve wealth? 

The work to undo your own money narratives in order to make room for new ones is deep, intergenerational, and requires an investment of time and emotion. But it is so important. We assigned this story with the Warrior because this path requires courage and vulnerability; admirable characteristics of a warrior. 



  • Handmade
  • Original Commanda Collective design 
  • 14k gold-plated ear hooks and wire protectors
  • Glass beads 
  • Hangs approx. 4 inches from ear