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This design represents creation. The power to create lies within all beings (human, plant, animal, or otherwise). The cycle of creation is birth - death - rebirth.

This colour story is representative of woman's creation power with their sacred womb space. This design is reminiscent of a vulva. 

Vulva, Yoni, Vagina, Uterus, Clitoris. We ask "why are these words so taboo?" They are just body parts - spectacular body parts actually! Spectacular, but often under valued and misunderstood.

It is not a coincidence that female sexual health, rights, and sovereignty have been targeted since the dawn of time. This is our power centre. When we are in control of it and wield its power - we are unstoppable. This offering is meant to represent the portal that is your vulva.. To assert your sovereignty.. To reclaim your power. 

This pair of earrings is adorned with faceted pink tourmaline crystals. Each earring has 24 crystals. As with all our beadwork, we have smudged the crystals to clear them of any energy. If you purchase this pair, we encourage you to hold them to your heart and energetically program them with a meaning/word/purpose to envelop you while you wear them. 

We chose pink tourmaline because it is connected to the heart chakra. Women’s sexuality has been violated, women’s sexual health has been continually disempowered, and women’s bodies undervalued - even vilified to some extent. There is much healing to be done. It’s hard to say where to begin. This pink tourmaline provides soothing to your heart.. And we felt this could be a place to start. Thankfully many women are waking up to the hard realities of this violation, disempowerment, and undervaluation of their bodies and spirits. This is hard to deal with; hard to accept. It requires a tender and loving disposition towards yourself. We hope this offering can inspire you to give yourself the space to begin a healing process of your sacred creation energy.



This video was created by Billingham Agency

Music licensed from Nagamo Publishing