The pattern is a portal. A portal to a new way of thinking, to a new world, a better way, back to the “good way” (as our ancestors would say). It is about dreaming with no limit. The world is not how it should be right now. So many of us base our realities on mainstream media - it’s time we break free - it’s time we think and DREAM for ourselves. The pattern is inspired by Indigenous Futurism. Read more about this concept in our Journal

THE COLOUR STORY | A Dream for Uncle Darcy 

Sometimes with this design as we release it in new colours, the colours will represent a specific dream. This one is in honour of pride month. To be 2Spirited is to transcend European ideologies of dichotomy/polarity within sexuality and gender. Many 2Spirited people are those who do not identify with male or female; they live in the liminal space between; harnessing the beauty of both archetypes. In the traditional communities of our ancestors, the 2Spirited members of a community were leaders, seers, and sages. With the influence of patriarchy and white supremacy; these “differences” became something to fear and were oppressed with dehumanization. This colour code and portal is to unlock the vision of the future where 2Spirited, transgender, queer, and non-binary folx are celebrated as the beautiful beings that they are. 

Our late uncle Darcy identified as 2Spirited. He fought for gay rights and was a world renowned AIDS advocate who ultimately passed away from the very disease he fought so hard against. We miss him everyday but we know he is guiding us on this journey. We can almost still hear his iconic laughter. This pair is an attempt to harness his magical energy. 


  • Handmade
  • Original Commanda Collective design 
  • .925 sterling silver findings and wire protectors
  • Glass beads 
  • Hangs approx. 3.5 inches from ear