Mermaid Collection | Water Cycle | Nibi Waawiyeyaa

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Science tells us that all living things were born from the sea. Which is why the ocean is sometimes also referred to as the “womb of the world” suggesting that the sea is the mother to all living beings. But before modern science, our ancestors knew there was a magic about water that makes it essential to life on earth. In myths and legends from all around the world, water is attributed with mystical and divine powers. People worshiped gods and goddesses of the sea, including the merfolk in the legends and fairytales we know today. 

We can look to the mermaid for guidance in how to be in connection with the element of water and the beings that reside in it. Being so closely tied to the element of water, mermaids symbolize the source of life. Mermaids lure us into the water realm, mirroring our emotions, challenging us to look deep inside ourselves beyond the surface. Her wisdom can also teach us to cherish water and look deeper into the meaning and medicine water brings us throughout the cycles of our lives.


  • Handmade
  • Original Commanda Collective design 
  • 14k gold plated ear hooks and wire protectors
  • Glass beads 
  • Natural fresh water pearls 
  • Hangs approx. 4 inches from ear