What is Futurism?

What is Futurism?

The Dreamer | Nibawaajige pattern is inspired by the concept of Indigenous Futurism. 

Indigenous futurism is a sister concept to AfroFuturism that dreams of a world where mother earth is not only cared for, she is honoured and treated with the grace she deserves. A world where Indigenous people are not stolen/abused/forgotten. A world where Indigenous knowledge & laws are revered with the honour deserved. A world where Indigenous people are free to love, free to walk in their power, free to rise.

Although the word futurism sounds synonymous with "the future", it is a not a far off distant world. I believe we can begin to embody this world today. This concept of futurism is the process of merging the vision you hold for the future but dissolving the timeline; seeing it now. We are the future for our ancestors. We are embodiments of their wildest dreams. Let's keep the legacy going.

I guess the question may be; can a pair of earrings change the future? For a mind stuck in this dense, 3D world that might seem a lofty goal. But, I believe that yes they can. Intentions matter. These offerings were made to inspire you to dream. Inspire you to embody our collective dreams of a world rooted in empathy & reciprocity. 

It is imperative to honour that this concept would not have been possible without Afrofuturism; a literary genre created by Black voices that began as early as the1860s by the work of Sojourner Truth. One hundred years later, Octavia Butler started publishing and she is now widely known as the godmother of the genre. These visionaries dreamed of a world free from white supremacy, a world that fostered Black brilliance and light instead of doing everything to dim it. It often merges technology with black intelligence painting new fantastical worlds. Have you watched Black Panther movie? That is an example of an Afrofuturistic world; a world of Black Excellence. 

Below are a few variations we have developed in this pattern. 

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What is Futurism?